Database on Chronic Debtors & Fraudulent People

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Conduct extensive search on chronic debtors, fraudsters and blacklisted identities with Database search.

WatchDog Monitoring

Monitor your high value profiles and get real-time notification when any of their information appears on DenyList

Systems Integration

DenyList is designed to provide seamless integration to your existing applications

5 reasons why you should use DenyList

Corporates, recruitment organizations, lending institutions and prospective partners screen applications on DenyList to enable them to make smart decisions.
If you are blacklisted on DenyList, your credibility is at stake, and you risk rejection.

  • Business Transactions

    You may lose business deals if your potential partners find you on the DenyList. Integrity is an essential factor that determines business partnerships. Prospective investors will not deal with you if they see you blacklisted on DenyList.

  • Homes & Rents

    You may not be allowed to rent that dream apartment if your prospective landlord finds you on DenyList. Landlords want to lease and rent their properties to credible tenants; they review tenants on DenyList to enable them to make the right decisions.

  • Job Offers

    You may not get that job offer if you are found on DenyList. Recruiting companies and HR managers rely on DenyList as part of their selection process when reviewing applications. No organization will employ an individual who has been blacklisted on DenyList.

  • Political Positions

    You may not win that political office if you are found on DenyList. Electorates are more determined than ever to empower only credible candidates. Politicians and prospective public office holders will lose credibility if found on DenyList.

  • Personal Reputation

    You may lose respect and valuable relationships if you are found on DenyList. Your reputation is your most bankable asset, and you may lose everything you have built overtime due to a listing on DenyList.

Do You Require Seamless Integrations?

Do you process a huge amount of corporate and individual records monthly? Do you rely on the output for critical decisions? Get in touch with, let us assist you in making smart decisions to improve your social credibility and operations